Why did my hair fall out?

Why did my hair fall out?

Hair loss is not a big problem for men, even for women. It can be presented as an alarm signal when we notice that the hairline is falling off, causing signs where even the slightest stain is observed. But why is it happening?

We already know that this hair loss is caused by cold weather, both in winter and autumn. Here the hair falls out easily since its roots do not irrigate with blood and nutrients. Summer and summer are hot weather and this weakness is not obvious.

Causes of hair loss

Climate change is what causes hair loss or loss. This fall is rarely considered because after one hair fall, another emerges. Long hair is not obvious for this loss unless it is significant. With short hair, this effect occurs, and its appearance is more noticeable, since it is shorter, its smaller gap is immediately more noticeable.

Many people who use hair straighteners may also notice a large fall, although this is usually because the hair breaks or breaks when it is combed. Next, we review some things that can be explored for this result:

  • Iron deficiency is one of the reasons. It is especially problematic for women when they are long or weakened by a lack of iron-rich foods. It starts with extreme fatigue, weakness, skin rashes, headaches, and most of all terrible hair loss. To determine if you have a deficiency, you must have a blood test to take supplements.
  • Thyroid problems can also be the cause. When you are over 50 you may experience dysfunction of this gland, you may suffer from hormonal imbalance. Whether there is hyper or hypothyroidism, this drop can be felt. With a blood test, it can be detected if it needs to be corrected. It will be solved with some kind of medicine.
  • Some kind of change in the scalp and as a general rule occurs from psoriasis or dandruff. When the scalp is affected by any external product, such as shampoo, or because it is not properly cared for, it can cause seborrhea dermatitis. It starts with very hot and itchy skin with terrible dandruff, so men are more prone to this hair loss.
  • The use of stress can also be an aggravating factor. Anxiety can accelerate the fall when we are suffering from this type of anxiety since we do not know what this disease can cause and how our body will spread it. The use of certain contraceptives may also cause this condition, as well as the use of other medications such as those for high blood pressure, ibuprofen, lithium, or methotrexate. If you suspect any of these, consult your doctor.
  • Some men suffer from genetic hair loss. It is necessary to determine where he fell, either in the crown or at the entrance since he has all the signs that he is in a natural state. However, a dermatologist can always be consulted to determine if there is a way to reduce the activity.

We must have a special commitment to take care of our hair. When we notice that it is already starting to fall out a lot (more than 100 hairs a day) we must buy a special shampoo, take care of the scalp, do not wash the hair regularly, and do not overdo it too with dryers or iron.

Remedies for hair loss

There are unlimited products to prevent falls But if your hair actually falls out, none of them can repair the cause. It will slow down the process, and you must use them regularly to get the most out of them. We review the most common treatments and those that work best:

  • Hay shampoos and lotions on the market can work, and I say ‘yes’ because some skin researchers do not recommend them since they do not see the potential to affect hair follicles.
  • Minoxidil is a drug that helps between 30 and 60% of cases, but its effects are not noticeable after three months of treatment. It is a vasodilator that works on the problem, and you must take two milliliters of the product a day.
  • Finasteride is a medication that can also be prescribed by a dermatologist. It is used in both men and women after childbirth. To see the effects of this treatment you must take between three and six months. Another drug that can work is Lambda.
  • There is a type of laser It is also used to regenerate the uterus where hair is lost and causes new areas of strength, treatment lasts 10 months, it is used once a week.
  • Hairstyling is one of the safest and most effective methods. It involves surgery to remove hair from a part of the body and implant it in areas where it is absent, such as the forehead or crown.

Faced with this problem, it is best to consult a specialist to determine the specific effective treatment, given the type of person or their characteristics. If you want to know more about our advice you can read us in “How to prevent hair loss” o “What kind of vitamins do we need for hair?”.

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